Home Additions Toronto

Do you want to expand your current space? There is only one solution to this problem: calling our service for home additions in Toronto.

Our team tackles all types of projects, whether you wish to build a sunroom, garage, bedroom, or another portion of your home. We have enough expertise to add an addition based on our client’s demand and enhance the value of your property.

We make everything accessible:

It is possible to increase the amount of space or comfort in your house by using our home additions in Toronto. It’s easier to have lasting experiences when you have extra living space, whether it’s a nursery for a new baby or a bigger dining room for holiday gatherings.

If your current area needs to be expanded, or if you want to start from scratch, we can help! Whatever your reason for remodelling your home, we’ll help you through the process and make sure it all comes together in the end. Hire Second Floor Addition and let’s collaborate on something great!